Designer Bedroom Decor & Bath Accessories

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

There is nothing like kicking off your shoes after a hard day of sweating it out in the field, taking a hot shower and collapsing on a feathery down pillow in sheer bliss.  But what’s this? The line of your bed sheets is fraying at the edges. Your bathroom fixtures are turning an ugly shade of green from mildew.  You are expecting company this week as well and the threadbare towels with your favorite cartoon character on them will do anything but make a good impression.

In other words, it is high time that you invested in bed and bath accessories that are sure to wow the finickiest of guests. Let’s see what can get you in their good graces.

Bath Accessories
BathroomBath Towels
People would say that they have better things to do then inspect your bath towels but you never know when a stinky towel will make a sensitive dinner guest sick to the stomach. Needless to say, even something as simple as a bath towel can be an ultimate bathroom accessory.
Embroidered towels that go with your bathroom color scheme are good additions especially since they will make the entire theme that you are going for come together. If you are feeling adventurous you can always go for a set that is colored differently than your bathroom walls but has embroidery in the same color. Stay away from thin towels since they are rough and do not absorb water as efficiently as the fluffier variety.

Shower Curtains
The shower curtain is perhaps the most visible object in a bathroom especially if you keep it drawn close. It’s therefore best that you settle for shower curtains that match the décor of your bathroom as well. Matching with colors is a good idea but patterns that match the setting will do just as well. Don’t make the mistake of excluding a curtain if you have a bathtub or shower.

Bedroom AccessoriesBedroom Accessories
Of course, you also deserve some time to yourself from time to time. If you spared no expense for the bathroom just think what decorating the bedroom will be like. For example, you can add the following additions to your room to sleep in style –

Bed in a Bag
Most of us forget one or two accessories when shopping for single items for the bedroom. This is why most home owners usually go for bed in a bag sets. These are complete bedroom sets that are already available in a variety of impressive decorative combinations. Plus an ensemble would include all that a person would need in a bedroom like quilts, covers, bed sheets, pillow cases as well as give the room a professional touch. Another reason why they are so convenient is that they come cheaper than if the items included were purchased separately.

Even the most beautifully decorated bedroom accessories can look drab if the lighting isn’t right. The lighting accessories in your bedroom can set the tone and make your body ready to sleep. In other words, it makes your body’s clock make the transition from wakefulness to sleep much smoother.

You will also need other types of light besides ambience lights to make your way through the room. Besides that accent lighting also has the tendency of highlighting any artwork or decorative elements you might have introduced.

Curtains do not only let the light out and give you some privacy as you snooze. They are also part of decorative bedroom décor. For example, if you are going for an oriental look you can always hang up some oriental themed bedroom curtains to compliment the look.

Comforter Sets
If you would like more variety than “bed in a bag sets” you can always settle for decorative comforter sets and shop for the rest of the accessories separately. Not only will the right comforter set keep you snug at night it will also make you look more hip during your slumber.

Anna’s Linens
Anna's LinensFortunately Anna’s Linens offers everything a home owner may need to make the finickiest of guests marvel at his/her bed and bath décor. Founded by the current chairman Alan Gladstone’s mother, Anna’s Linens enjoys rapid growth as a specialty retailer or value priced and high quality home furnishings.

The brand’s specialties include decorative pillows, kitchen textiles, rugs, house wares, window coverings, bath accessories and bedding accessories. The family owned business also deals in dining accessories, home security, furniture, pet accessories as well as gift cards.