Faucets - Tapping Into Beauty

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

When looking at water pouring from a tap or a faucet, it is remarkable not to believe that the common place faucet was a luxury for our grandparents and something which was deemed a little rare. Starting its humble journey through man’s history, the faucet has been present wherever there was need of water in homes and fountains, as early as 1700 BC and was mainly utilized by the Romans.

Although mostly Bathroom reserved for the rich, the faucet soon became a common household item, which has been greatly utilized and is an essential part of the plumbing system even today. However, faucets always had two handles for hot and cold water and the introduction of a single tap was an addition thought off in 1937. Although the first few attempts and designs were rejected, Al-Moen finally succeeded in creating a functioning faucet which was single handled in 1947.

The popularity of the single handled faucet was obvious in the response it received and by 1959; it was widely used in many homes and countries across the world. Since the introduction and release of the single handled faucets, many other inventors have sought to ease the usability and increase the beauty of a faucet. Following the example of Al-Moen, Landis Perry launched a faucet with a ball valve which was introduced to the masses by 1954.

With the advent of such innovative changes, electronic faucets with built-in sensors were introduced to the market during the 1980’s. However, they are expensive to install due to the infra red motion sensors they contain and the amount of maintenance they require as compared to simpler faucets. They are considered to be more eco-friendly since they conserve water, and more hygienic since there are no taps to turn, hence no germ transference before and after washing hands. Unfortunately, these are more commonly found in corporate offices, hotels or other places where they can easily foot the bill of installation and maintenance of electronic faucets.

Owing to the fact that a faucet is an essential part of a bathroom or a kitchen, faucets are available in a large number of materials, finishes and varieties, and can be utilized to beautify the kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house where a sink is installed. Since the idea of interior decoration extends to the decoration of a bathroom or a kitchen, there are many beautiful bathtubs and showers and sinks on which modern faucets are used as ornamentation and act as the finishing touches for the look.

Due to this, Modern Bathroom there are many companies, like eFaucets or Modern Bathroom, that specifically market and install a large variety of faucets with special finishes and styles. Modern Bathroom is particularly popular owing to its range of beautiful bathroom accessories and countertops and faucets for the kitchen. Along with the added benefit of having Modern Bathroom’s experts come over and offer their expert advice on the required design and any other information that could benefit their clients when selecting anything from the inventory, Modern Bathroom provides a seven-days-a-week toll free number where clients can contact a Modern Bathroom expert for help.

Similarly, eFaucets was launched eFaucets to meet the lack of suitable faucet, bathtub and other design requirements for the bathroom and the kitchen. With a large inventory of items featuring faucets with various finishes, eFaucets houses the best items with a reputation for selling items which are authentic and completely brand new. With the largest selection Delta faucets, eFaucets provides customer service representatives who can be contacted at any time to help with product selection or provide you with any other information.

Although many people opt for the mundane, traditional look of two handed iron faucets, the single handed ball valve faucet and the electronic faucets have many fans in the market, based on their usability and businesses like eFaucets and Modern Bathroom are fast becoming extremely popular due to their diverse inventories at extremely affordable price ranges.